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Are you getting married and want to create an unforgettable moment with your chosen life partner?
Start your wedding celebrations with a passionate and romantic dance. We will create a beautiful and unique wedding dance tailored to your wishes that will leave your guests mesmerised!

To get the rest of your guests in a dancing mood we provide fun dance workshops that will make it a celebration to remember.
Have your guests set the dance floor on fire!
Wedding dance
Wedding opening dance

Opening Wedding Dance

The wedding first dance is a special moment and an emotional highlight at any wedding.

Your style of wedding routine - wedding dance Leiden

From a slow, intimate, romantic flow around the floor, to an astonishing wedding choreography complete with dips and lifts. From a passionate, intense, elegant tango to a fun, playful and lively wedding routine.
Whatever is your wish for your wedding dance, we can help you!

Wedding dance choreography - wedding dance The Hague

We will create a beautiful and unique first wedding dance choreography tailored to you that will leave your guests speechless. We will incorporate your ideas and wishes and we will teach you your wedding dance routine in a fun and challenging way to prepare you really well for your big day.
Improvisation gives you anxiety? No worries, we will prepare a stunning wedding choreography for you to learn and rehearse.
Learning a chorepgraphy is not your cup of tea? No worries, we will teach you basic movements for you to improvise and make your dance unique and yours.

Our services for your wedding first dance - first dance Leiden - first dance The Hague

Our service includes:
♦ Selection of the music. Some couples have their hearts set on a particular song, 'their song', some others do not know what to select. We offer a wide choice and variety of songs for you to select from
♦ Consultation with the bride and the groom. We explore and evaluate together wishes, desideratas, possibilities, constraints and options for your first wedding dance
♦ Creation of an amazing and unique wedding choreography tailored on you with different movement options, from easier to more spectacular
♦ A series of private lessons to teach you your wedding first dance routine
♦ Clear, complete and fully comprehensive instructions, including technical guidance for movements execution, musicality aspects and interpretation recommendations
♦ Possibility to film the classes to easily practice at home in between the lessons

Contact us to discuss together possibilities and options, without any obligation!
Wedding first dance
Wedding opening dance

Dance Workshop for your Wedding

Would you like to make sure that all your guests hit the dance floor and have a truly fun time?

Dance workshop for weddings

There is nothing better than a dance workshop to get everyone in the party mood!
A crowded dance floor is certainly a clear sign of a very successful event and, at a wedding, is the ultimate indicator of a great party.

Dance workshop for weddings

Often, though, your guests need some encouragement to put aside their shyness and get up and boogy. A dance workshop is certainly the best and most fun way to give your guests that little push they might need. Nobody will have to break the ice and being the first one on the dance floor. All the guests will be involved at the same time and once they are up dancing they will not want to sit down again!

Entertainment dance workshop

The duration of a workshop can vary from 30 to 120 minutes and both small and large groups are welcome.
Our entertainment dance workshops include:
♦ TANGO workshop. To learn in couple some basic but entertaining tango steps that your guests can have fun with all night long.
♦ PARTY DANCE workshop. To learn as a single basic and short dance routines on very well known international party songs.

How to dance at a wedding

We can also tailor the theme of the workshop to your wishes.
Contact us to discuss together possibilities and options, without any obligation!
Dance workshop for wedding
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