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Dance Courses

Dancing is highly beneficial at all ages! To the rhythm of music we free the deepest part of ourselves and can be transported into an artistic dimension that satisfies mind, body and spirit. The benefits of dance are countless.
It improves the overall body image by staying fit, loosing weight and toning muscles. It increases the wellbeing by reducing stress, fears, anxieties, body tensions and even chronic pain. It boosts the spirit by improving self-esteem, attentiveness, confidence and mood.

We offer personalised dance journeys to:
🔺 improve your musicality
🔺 boost your balance and stability
🔺 increase your flexibility
🔺 enhance your body posture and attitude
🔺 expand your body awareness and expression

Learn dance with our dance classes offer

Dance Courses in Leiden

Are you a couple who want to do a fun activity together or prepare your wedding dance? We can teach you Argentine tango or couple's choreography created especially for you.
Are you a single or small group looking for an enjoyable activity to challenge your body and mind? We can teach you fun and easy dance routines and modern dance choreographies.
Are you looking to fulfill a specific wish like improving posture, balance, femininity, flexibility? We can plan a personalised dance journey to take you where you want to be.
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dance course Leiden

Learn to dance with our dance lessons in Leiden

Online Dance Courses

You would like to follow our dance classes but you live far from Leiden? No worries, you can now book online dance lessons with us and enjoy the same dance journey than with in person classes.
During pandemic we have taught many singles and couples online, we have refined our online teaching methodology, and it proved to be as effective as in person dance class.
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online dance course

Learn how to dance with our online dance lesson

Dance Workshops

You would like to follow our dance lessons but you prefer following group classes? Have a look at our upcoming dance workshops.
We organise regular dance workshops on a specific theme. A great occasion to deepen the knowledge on a specific dance subject and in a group.
Are you organising an event and you would like to entertain your guests with pure fun on the rhythm of well known songs? Check out our workshops for event.
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dance workshop

Learn dancing with our workshop dance class

Free Dance Tutorials

We have infused our long-standing teaching experience into a series of free dance lessons on youtube.
Our video lessons on youtube offer specific and selected exercises as well as many technical tips. Using our exercises you can fully focus on the development of your own proprioception (awareness of body position) and develop correctly your muscle memory.
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dance learning with our free dance course

Dance Courses
Free Lessons
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