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Dance Workshop

Are you organising an event? Give your family, friends or co-workers the fun experience of a dance workshop!
Learning how to dance it is proven to be an amazing team building exercise and an opportunity to bond and have lots of fun. A dance workshop is the perfect way to start your event or party, to get everyone moving and joyful on the dance floor.

Are you a dancer who would like to deepen the knowledge on a specific dance subject in a group class?
Check out our upcoming dance workshops and reserve your spot.
Our workshops are the remarkable outcome of our 20 years teaching experience. They are inspiring, energising, step-by-step journeys that take our students to the heart of specific topics.
Tango workshop

Workshop for Event

Our entertainment dance workshops include TANGO and PARTY DANCE workshops, but we also tailor the theme of our workshops to your wishes.
Either if you are a private or a corporate, contact us to gift your guests with the best entertainment and team building experience.
workshop for event

Upcoming Dance Workshops

Thanks to our long standing teaching experience, we regularly give tango and dance workshops, seminars and masterclasses for dancers of all levels who want to improve their dance skills.
Scroll down to check all our upcoming events!
dance masterclass
Argentine tango workshop

Dance with our Workshops

Our dance workshops are suitable for everybody, for every type of event and for dancers of every level.
Our structured teaching methodology, as long as our clear explanations, seasoned with humor, create an enjoyable, deep learning experience for students of all levels.

Dance Workshop for your Event

Would you like to make sure that all your guests hit the dance floor and have a truly fun time?

Dance workshop for events

There is nothing better than a dance workshop to get everyone in the party mood!
A crowded dance floor is certainly a clear sign of a very successful event and, at a wedding, is the ultimate indicator of a great party.

Dance entertainment

Often, though, your guests need some encouragement to put aside their shyness and get up and dancing. A dance workshop is certainly the best and most fun way to give your guests that little push they might need. Nobody will have to break the ice and being the first one on the dance floor. All the guests will be involved at the same time and once they are up dancing they will not want to sit down again!

Entertainment dance workshop

The duration of a workshop can vary from 30 to 120 minutes and both small and large groups are welcome.
Our entertainment dance workshops include:
♦ TANGO workshop. To learn in couple some basic but entertaining tango steps that your guests can have fun with all night long.
♦ PARTY DANCE workshop. To learn as a single basic and short dance routines on very well known international party songs.

Dance for events

We can also tailor the theme of the workshop to your wishes.
Contact us to discuss together possibilities and options, without any obligation!
Dance workshop for event

Upcoming Dance Workshops

dance masterclass
2 WORKSHOPS with ALBERTO & FERNANDA from BUENOS AIRES - 25th MAY 2024 - Leiden
Location: Rijnsburgerweg 94 Leiden
To enhance the learning, the workshops are taught in a small group of maximum 4 couples.

Time: 15:30-16:45
Topic: TANGO - From the basics to the complex
Price: 20 € per person
Complex figures from the pivot for both roles. Weight change and free leg, impulses, transformation and adaptation for the dance floor.

Time: 17:00-18:15
Price: 20 € per person
Staccato, stops, syncopation, double time, time and half time.
tango workshop
dance course
TANGO COURSE - September 2024 - Leiden
Topic: Tango course for beginners and intermediates.
Location: Rijnsburgerweg 94 Leiden | Monday evening
Price: 75 € per person for 5 lessons
A workshop of 5 weekly lesson, structured as a course.
During this workshop you will learn some of the most used tango steps along with their technique, for both leaders and followers, their musicality possibilities and the correct communication between the partners to properly lead and follow whilst navigating the space and the music.
The workshop is suitable for beginners with some tango experience and intermediates.
To enhance the learning, the course is taught in a small group of maximum 4 couples.
tango workshop
Dance Courses
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