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When dance, tango and martial arts meet, the combination is explosive!
SILVIA, with her 20+ years experience in teaching dance and Argentine tango, brings a clear, structured and tailored teaching methodology. This enables the students to learn with simplicity even the most complex figures and to overcome any blocks in their learning journey.
SEAN, started his dance journey 5 years ago but has 20+ years experience in in various martial arts and other disciplines. This brings a deep knowledge of the mechanics of the body movement and a fresh and alternative perspective to the dance learning process and improvised moves that empowers even the most beginner of the dancers to accomplish complex dance routines.
SILVIA & SEAN are not only partners in dancing but also in life which makes them the perfect professional dance teachers for wedding routines, wedding first dances and choreographies.
Silvia & Sean


Silvia Mezzasoma, dance performer and dance teacher

Performer and teacher my approach to the dance is influenced by my passionate and structured personality.

Professional dancer and tango performer

As a dance performer, I infuse my soul into my dancing, feeling the depth and intensity of the music, the vibrating energy of the interpretation and the synergy with my partner. My emotions become perceivable throughout my body and captivate the audience.
Nothing else exists but the here and now.

Professional dance teacher and tango teacher

As a dance teacher, I take my students by their hand and accompany them on a voyage through their own emotions. An inspiring, energizing, step-by-step journey that makes them feel more confident, accomplished and able to express their soul through their dance.
Using my structured and tailored teaching methodology, developed over more than 20 years, I enable my students to conquer their fears and achieve the fulfilments they are looking for.


Sean as a dancer

With a background in martial arts, I bring an alternative approach to dance via fluidity of movement and the ability to simplify and explain dance techniques from a different perspective.

Tango dancer

The connection between dance and martial arts is a very close one. Bruce-Lee was a Cha-Cha dancing champion and Jean Claude Van Damme a Ballet dancer. My methodology and approach helps to breakdown dance routines into "bite-size" chunks, making it fun and easy to learn. This inspires confidence and enables accelerated learning for less experienced students and is especially useful when it comes to Wedding choreographies and workshops.

Professional dance performer

As a performer, I bring passion, humor, and a different flavour to add an element of "je ne sais quoi" to the experience.
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