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Express your soul through movements
Silvia Mezzasoma

Why a Personal Dance Trainer?

I offer personal, expert and clear guidance for you to get in touch with your own body through dance.

You will enhance your elegance and posture, flourish your body expression and communication, and feel more confident and empowered.

A professional, knowledgeable and friendly one-to-one guidance for enjoyable, motivational and inspirational dance classes that will lift your mood and unleash your full potential.
Dance Courses

Dance Courses

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A proven method, developed with more than 20 years of teaching experience, enabling you to learn with simplicity even the most complex figures.
Our dance classes will allow you to unlock the knots of your learning journey and unleash your full potential to an enhanced body awareness.
Whether you approach dance for the first time or as an advanced dancer, check out our dance lessons.
With our dance courses you can improve posture, flexibility, balance, femininity, masculinity, attitude and musicality.
Select the style that inspires you the most! You can choose among tango, wedding and couple choreography, party dance, balance and strength, stretching and flexibility or a fully personalised dance path.
For either in person dance lessons, private dance classes, online dance courses or dance workshops, check out our offers.
personal dance class


Private tango, Argentine tango private class, tango courses

Would you like to learn the improvised, interpretive, spontaneous, social Argentine tango dance?
We will take you through the beautifully elegant dance that is tango, with great attention to the needs of the individual.  
Anyone aged from 10 to 80 years old can dance tango and if you believe you have two left feet, we can make you a dancer and you will have fun in the process!
Our Argentine tango lessons are for singles and couples of every level, from absolute beginner to advanced.
Wether you want to review the basics, dive deep into the technique for both leaders and followers, explore the tango musicality and the endless interpretation possibilities that offers, master the communication and improvisation between the couple or unlock the secrets to gorgeous tango adornos, look no further and check out our tango lessons.
tango class
Wedding dance


Wedding opening dance, dance choreography for wedding, wedding choreography

Are you getting married and want to create an unforgettable moment with your significant other? Make your opening wedding dance amazingly memorable!
We will create a beautiful and unique choreography for your opening wedding dance that will leave your guests speechless.
We can help you choose your song and your style and we will incorporate your ideas and wishes into a gorgeous dance routine. You will have fun in learning your wedding choreography and we will prepare you for your big day.

Would you like to entertain your guests and make sure that everybody hits the dance floor?
We provide dance workshops to entertain your guests with fun and music. Whether you choose a tango workshop or a party dance workshop, you are guaranteed to give your guests an amusing and unforgettable experience.
wedding dance
Dance show


Dance show, dance performance, book dancer, hire dancer

Whether you are organising a private or corporate event, party or any other kind of occasion, we can spice it up with a dance show.
When you hire a dancer for your event we will deliver a beautiful performance that will captivate your guests and leave them mesmerised.
A show lasts about 15 minutes on average and it is professionally choreographed by us. Our unique costumes and accessories make the entertainment effect of our shows complete and top-notch. Depending on your theme and demands we can adapt our choreographies accordingly.
Get in touch with us to know more about our offer for your event dance show.
dance show

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Dance Courses
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