Dance school Leiden and The Hague - Info and Registrations

Silvia Mezzasoma
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Dance school Leiden and The Hague info & Registrations

Dance School - Info & Registrations
Teaching methodology
Silvia takes her students by their hand and accompanies them on a voyage through their own emotions. An inspiring, energizing, step-by-step journey that makes them feel more confident, accomplished and able to express their soul through their dance.

Using her structured and tailored teaching methodology, developed over more than 20 years, she enables her students to conquer their fears and achieve the fulfilment they are looking for.

Silvia and her dance partners (Diego and Roberto) focus the lessons on teaching solid technical basics, posture, walking, embrace and musicality, for a harmonic connection with the partner and the music which unleashes creativity, elegance and emotions.

Free Trial Class & Registrations
At the Idea Tango dance school you can take a free tango trial class to get to know us.
The free trial class can be taken at any time in Leiden and at the beginning of a new block of lessons in The Hague.
You can register to the courses of our dance school at any time.
The lessons are in English but we also speak Italian, French and Spanish.
If you'd like to join but you do not have a partner, no worries, contact us and we will try to find a dance partner for you!
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