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Free Tango Classes

Free tango lessons
Dancing a tango and feeling absolutely comfortable in your partner's embrace, entirely free of unleashing your creativity, deeply connected in a complete communication with your partner, so much in harmony with the music that you can express the emotions it inspires to you through your body, is one of the most amazing experiences ever.
Reaching this status is not swift, but it is totally worth it!

Tango technique classes help enormously in achieving this goal way quicker. Through exercises executed regularly without a partner, you can fully focus on your own proprioception (awareness of body position) and develop correctly your muscle memory. Later on, dancing with a partner will be much easier so that you can entirely focus on your feelings.

Here some videos of tango class, completly for free, that explain our most popular and effective tango exercises, as well as all the technique secrets.
Train alone and at home with our free tango tutorials!