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Tango classes in Leiden for beginners, intermediates, advanced

Tango lessons in Leiden
LEIDEN (NL) - Maredijk 100
The tango courses in Leiden are held from September until June with the following schedule:
- Monday 20:00 - 21:00, Absolute beginners / Beginners 1
- Monday 21:15 - 22:15, Intermediate / Advanced

The courses are organised in blocks of 10 tango classes each.
You can register at any time even without a partner.
A free trial tango lesson is always possible.
Prices per person:
10 tango lessons: 130 €, for students 90 € (30% discount!)
Single tango lesson: 16 €
COVID-19 measures:
A break of 15 min between the classes has been introduced to allow the students to go out and in at different moments.
Furthermore, this break allows a proper ventilation of the room after each class.
The classes have to be taken with a fixed dance partner. If you do not have one we will try to find a fixed dance partner for you.
The maximum number of allowed couples per course is 6 to guarantee enough distancing between couples.
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