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Tango for weddings

Tango wedding

Tango for wedding

Are you getting married and want to create an unforgettable moment with your significant other?
Dance a passionate Argentine tango as your opening wedding dance.

We will create a beautiful and unique tango choreography tailored on you that will leave your guests speechless!
We will incorporate your ideas and wishes and we will teach you your Argentine tango wedding dance in a fun and challenging way to prepare you really well for your big day.

Choosing a tango as your first wedding dance gives you an opportunity to learn a new and deeper way of communicating within the couple, a beautiful experience to share with your loved one.
Contact us to start your wedding dance journey!
Wedding Dance

Tango wedding dance

Organising a wedding is a quite challenging and stressfull experience in itself. That is why our main goal is to plan for the lowest possible stress level into the dance.
We will take care of all your wishes so that you can focus only on having fun whilst learning your wedding dance.

Improvisation gives you anxiety? No worries, we will prepare a mesmerising wedding choreography for you to memorise and rehearse.
Learning a chorepgraphy is not your cup of tea? No worries, we will teach you the basics of tango for you to improvise and make your dance unique and yours.

What our tango wedding offer includes

Our service includes:
- A series of private lessons covering tango moves and choreography
- All the instructions from the basics to the musicality
- Your choice of song with as much or as little choreography as you like
- Assistance in choosing your song from Idea Tango's vast collection of tangos both traditional and contemporary
- Possibility to film the classes to easily practice at home in between the classes
Contact us to discuss together possibilities and options, without any obligation!

why to choose tango for your wedding

Tango is known as the dance of passion and romance and you couldn't pick a more perfect dance for your wedding day. Argentine tango is growing more and more popular as a bridal dance because it is a real audience pleaser with its inherent romance and drama.