Silvia Mezzasoma
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Tango private lessons

Tango private class
Argentine tango private lessons are undoubtedly the most effective way to learn!
The unconditional attention of the teacher, the augmented space for individual needs, the enhanced learning process, the ability of studying the topics you wish at the pace you wish, are only few of the benefits of private classes.
At Idea Tango we offer both IN PERSON and ONLINE private tango lessons to give you the opportunity to study with us wherever you are!
Book your class on the day and time most convenient to you.

In person private tango lessons

Why to take tango live private lessons

Whether you would like to refine your technique, dance more comfortably, be more elegant, unleash your feelings, answer the doubts or questions you might have, nurture your creativity, astonish your wedding invitees, nothing is more powerful than a private tango live lesson.
At Idea Tango, Silvia will take you by your hand and accompany you on an inspiring, energizing, step-by-step journey that will make you feel more confident, accomplished and able to express your soul through your dance. Thanks to her structured and tailored teaching methodology, developed over more than 20 years, she will enable you to conquer your fears, answer your doubts, deepen your knowledge, master your tango and finally achieve the fulfilment your are looking for.

The benefints of our tango private live lessons

Through our experience and professionality we guarantee you:
- 100% personal attention
- tailored teaching methodology
- space for individual wishes
- fast progresses
- learning at your own pace
- possibility of recording videos during the classes
- flexible schedule

The prices and address of our in person tango private lessons

Either as a single, a couple or a small group, book your appointment on the day and time most convenient to you. We teach in Leiden (NL) at the following address but also in Perugia (IT) and surroundings:
Witte Rozenstraat 50A
2311 XX, Leiden
- single lesson with 1 teacher 50 €
- package of 4 lessons with 1 teacher 180 €
- single lesson with 2 teachers 90 €
- package of 4 lessons with 2 teachers 330 €

Online tango lessons

Why to learn to dance tango online

Learning tango online is certainly different than private tango live classes, but has proved to be as valuable as tango live lessons. The recent lockdown enabled us to refine the techniques of distant teaching, revealing that tango lessons online bring incredible benefits too. Indeed, through our classes, developed on the basis of our long standing teaching experience, not only you can learn to dance tango online but you can also

The benefits of our online tango lessons and to learn tango at home:

- improve your technique both as a single and as a couple
- develop your musicality
- enhance your improvisation
- strengthen the connection
- increase your balance and stability

Even if you reside far away, now you can comfortably learn tango at home with our tango lessons online. Either as a single or a couple book your online lesson and enjoy the improvements as in tango live private classes.

The prices of our online tango lessons

- single lesson with Silvia 25 €
- package of 5 lessons with Silvia 110 €
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