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Free tango tutorials

Watch our free lessons of tango on youtube! Specifically created for you, to train comfortably at home and without a partner.

How our video tango lessons can help you

Dancing a tango and feeling absolutely comfortable in your partner's embrace, entirely free to unleash your creativity, deeply connected in a complete communication with your partner, so much in harmony with the music that you can express the emotions it inspires to you through your body, is one of the most amazing experiences ever.
Reaching this status takes time, dedication and care, but it is totally worth it!
Tango technique lessons for both leaders and followers help enormously in achieving this goal way quicker.

Argentine tango lessons youtube

To help you, we have infused our long-standing teaching experience into a series of Argentine tango lessons on youtube. Our video tango lessons offer specific and selected exercises as well as many technical tips to correct the most common mistakes related to the tango technique. Through these tango exercises, executed regularly and without the need of a partner, you can fully focus on your own proprioception (awareness of body position) and develop correctly your muscle memory. Later on, dancing with a partner will be much easier. If you wish to improve your tango for free, you are at the right place!

Benefits of our youtube videos tango

The online tango free tutorials will allow you to:
- stay fit
- reconcile with your own body
- find your own centre, balance and strenght
- improve your flexibility and health
- build up your muscle memory
Through these free tango tutorials on youtube you can learn our most popular and effective tango exercises, as well as all the technique secrets, to dance with extremely more control, comfort, connection and freedom to fully express your feelings, elegance and creativity.

Video tango tutorial youtube

Subscribe to the Idea Tango youtube channel to always be promptly notified on the new releases. Our tango videos are in English with subtitles in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Would like an advice on a specific topic not cover yet by our free tango lessons? Contact us and we will be glad to help you!

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