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Tango Lessons in Leiden

Would you like to learn Argentine tango in Leiden? Join our friendly and international courses!
Our Argentine tango classes in Leiden are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced, either as a single or as a couple.
Contact us to receive all the information!

Schedule and address of the Idea Tango courses

Idea Tango courses Leiden schedule

The tango courses in Leiden are momentarily suspended.
To learn Argentine tango in Leiden book a private class with us!

Information about our tango classes in Leiden

Registration to tango Leiden and tango free trial class

The tango courses are held from September until June and you can register at any time even without a partner.
The tango lessons are given in English but we also speak Italian, French and Spanish.
A tango free trial class in Leiden is always possible.
In case you miss a lesson, you can recover it in another course.

Tango lessons Leiden prices

Prices per person:
- 10 tango lessons: 130 €, for students 110 € (15% discount!)
- Single tango lesson: 16 €
- Registration to 2 courses at the same time: 20% discount on the second course;

The Argentine tango courses and the teaching methodology of Idea Tango Leiden

If you are tired of sitting on the couch and you are looking for a new, fun, social activity to shake your body and your mind, you have landed on the right place. Idea Tango is the best venue where to learn tango in Leiden, and our friendly and international environment will welcome you and make you feel at home. You are going to discover the authentinc tango danced in Argentina, an elegant, sensual, playful, social dance based on a continuos improvisation and a connection with your partner and the music. A dance where partners respond to one another's expressive interpretations making every dance a unique and unrepeatable experience. You are going to learn a new way of communicating, based on body language. It will take time, dedication and care to fully enjoy its best, but the pleasure, fulfillment and freedom coming with it will be fully worth the process.

Argentine tango lessons Leiden teaching methodology

To enable this learning path, at Idea Tango we take our students by their hand and accompany them on a voyage through their own emotions. An inspiring, energizing, step-by-step journey that makes them feel more confident, accomplished and able to express their soul through their dance.
Using our structured and tailored teaching methodology, developed over more than 20 years, we enable our students to conquer their fears and achieve the fulfilment they are looking for.
We focus our lessons on teaching solid technical basics, posture, walking, embrace and musicality, for a harmonic connection with the partner and the music which unleashes creativity, elegance and emotions.

Why to learn Argentine tango

The Argentine tango is not only a beautiful, elegant, sensual, social dance where both partners equally fuel the expressive interpretation of the music. It is also a welfare enabler which therapeutic virtues have been studied for over a decade.

Argentine tango as a therapy

Tango is used to improve natural resilience, to gain self-esteem and self-confidence and to treat stress, anxiety, depression, heart disorders, symptoms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
Tango requires a strong connection with a partner, synchronisation and improvisation. This helps to focus on the present moment and mentally switch off from the feelings of stress and distress.
Tango also helps rebuild couples relationships through the trusty interaction tango dancers must develop. Indeed, the interaction of two people dancing tango, reflects the ideal relationship partners should have in life. Part of learning to dance tango is learning to give gentle feedback only when asked.

Registrations & Free trial class of tango in Leiden

To get to know us, book your free trial class of tango in Leiden.
You can register to our courses at any time.
The lessons are in English but we also speak Italian, French and Spanish.
If you'd like to join but you do not have a partner, no worries, contact us and we will try to find a dance partner for you!

COVID-19 measures for the Argentine tango lessons in Leiden

We follow the rules established by the Dutch government and by the association of the Dutch dance entrepreneurs.
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